Vietnamese famous foods

Introduction of the best and most famous foods you must try in Vietnam, best address to try these foods - Vietnamese famous foods

Video of famous dishes in Central Vietnam

In this video, you will see the most famous dishes of Central Vietnam cuisine – Vietnam famous foods: Gỏi cá Nam Ô – Nam Ô fish rolls Ram cuốn cải – Spring rolls with cabbage leaves Ốc hút – Spicy snail/escargots/ sucking snails Mỳ Quảng – Vietnamese Tumeric Noodles from Quang Nam Bánh bèo –

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How many kinds of noodle in Vietnam?

Vietnam is famous for its noodles. You will find noodles everywhere when you visit best places in Vietnam. But do you know how many kinds of noodle? And specific names of each kind in Vietnam? Read this entry and you will find that noodles in Vietnam are not very simple. The common feature of Noodles

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Hundreds of dishes for breakfast in Vietnam

Nowadays, because of the hurry life, and women are busier with their social roles, street-foods stalls and restaurant are more appropriate choices. These are the most popular breakfast dishes in Vietnam which can both be cooked at home or found at restaurants. Rice seems to be the mother of many Vietnamese delicious foods. Phở (Vietnamese

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